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The Failure of the Immigration Story

Originally posted May 8, 2019.

Believe it or not, I’m actually not a difficult soap viewer to please. As long as the show is watchable and I have the time, I’ll watch any story even if my favorite couple or character aren’t at the center. I’ve always been a fan of the ensemble nature of these shows and I like to think I’ve been flexible on my couples.

I usually use three measures to decide what makes a soap story watchable. Does the story make sense? Does it serve the characters? Is it entertaining? The best stories hit all three marks, but they’re rare. They’re the Metro Court Hostage story on GH in 2007 or the hospital quarantine of 2006. In my short time as a Days viewer,  I thought Kristin’s return hit all three but I didn’t really know to measure it in terms of character because I didn’t know those characters yet.

This immigration story is a bust on every single question.

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