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Snark Watch: August 31, 2020

While Watching | What Happened | Thoughts 

While Watching

What Happened

  • Carly lied to Valerie about what happened with Nelle, but Val looks suspicious. I think she was anyway. The camera barely let the girl on screen.
  • She also didn’t tell Sonny yet. She will. But didn’t on today’s show.
  • Michael and Willow might have kissed. It’s hard to tell — we don’t get to see those anymore. Which I’m good with. No one needs that.
  • Neil and Alexis got back together, had sex, and we didn’t have to watch Alexis hyperventilate like a crazy person.
  • Jason moved back home, and he told Sam about Taggert being alive. Expect Sam to fuck up that whole thing in about six seconds.
  • Also Sam screamed at Valentin because he had the nerve to have an ulterior motive. (I would have thought it was implicit in the last name but she’s always been dumb.)
  • Sonny visited Mike even though it’s still the same night as the Nurse’s Ball and told him it’s okay to let go. I think he’s holding on for a hero.
  • Valentin and Nina argued again about how he’s a liar, and Valentin was big mad that Jax might have a lead on Nina’s kid. Because it’s the winning that matters, not the finding. Asshole.
  • And the search found the necklace — so I guess Nelle is Nina’s daughter? Joy.
  • We ended on the next morning with Alexis and Neil — and he’s cold in the bed. Like — is he dead? I can’t–This show.


This was a boring show bookmarked by bouts of nightmares. Valentin and Nina are still having the same conversation they always had. Jason and Sam are at least finally back together after three years of STeve being back, so I hope JaSam fans are happy. The rest of us are bored, so…there’s that.

Literally — the only thing worth noting is that Carly lied to the cops and Jax knows it. Then she didn’t tell Sonny right away.  That’s it. That’s the only thing that matters.

Valerie was on. But the camera barely let her enjoy her air time.

I don’t know. It wasn’t a good episode. I think it was supposed to be. But the couples on this show are weak, boring, and bland, so a show that should have been sweet, romantic moments just fell flat.

Oh, and Neil might be dead. So if that bothers you — *shrugs*